About me

Gesine Marwedel


Born 07.04.1987 in Eckernförde, Germany, raised in Dortmund.


After finishing school 2005, I worked in an indian orphanage for some months. The experiences I made there had influences on my subject of study such as on my artwork.


I studied "rehabilitation science" from 2005 to 2008 and finished with the BA graduation.

From 2009-2016 I was working as a speech- therapist,  aditionally studied creative- therapy, which I completed 2011 with the diploma. 2013 I got my permission for offering psychotherapeutic treatment and 2015 i did an training to become psychoonkologist.

2016 I was working as a art/creative-therapist in a center for autism-therapy. Since end of 2016 i am only working as a freelance artist.


Furthermore I´m involved in a project at the children´s hospital in Dortmund, where I do musics and arts with ill and handicapped children.


In addition I continue working as an artist, doing Bodypainting, Hennapainting, Wallpaining and Paintings on canvas. My style is mostly realistic or surrealistic.


 Materials I prefer are oil on wood or oil on canvas, but I use a lot of different colors and materials, such as pastel, chalk, acryl paints or pencils. For the Bodypaintings I use eudermic colours only. 


Other activities I like to do are Salsa-dancing and playing the piano and the violoncello.