Questions and Answers

for Journalists, models and others

- Who can be painted?


Everyone can be a bodypainting model. Size, figure, age doesn´t matter, especially for the fine art bodypainting. But the model should have a good relationship to her/ his body and be healthy.



- I would like to be your model. How can it be?


There are two ways for becoming my model: The first way is to pay me for your very special painting, where you can decide about the motive, the picture, date and if it should be published or if it is yours alone.

The second way is to offer yourself as a model. I am sometimes searching for models for my ideas and so you don´t have to pay, but I have the rights on the photos. But I can´t guarantee if the painting will ever happen, because i already have a lot of models in my surrounding, and I prefer those, who I already know.


- Where is bodypainting used? Who needs bodypainting?


Bodypainting is used in promotion, at events or for private fotoshootings.  It can be a present for the partner as well as a present to yourself, as it feels exciting and good to transform into something else. I also use it for patients in the therapy, especially for breast cancer patients.


- How long takes a painting and how long will it last?


Usually it takes between 4-7 hours to paint a body, but sometimes it even takes up to 12 hours and more. After the fotoshoot it will be washed away in minutes.


- Are men also getting painted? (mostly there are only pictures of women)


Yes, they are. But usually women have more interest in being bodypainted than men. Maybe because most women have interest in transforming into something else, costumes, art and having pictures of themselves.


-Do you paint children?


No, I don´t paint children (exept very small babies). The painting will take too long for them and additionally I am careful because of childporn - you never know who uses the photos and where they will be in the interent and I don´t want to be seen in connection with those things. The only exception are childrens faces or backs or babies, but I take care, that not everything will be seen on the photos.


- ...Can you paint for free? / can we publish photos for free?


Ask yourself a question: Would you work for free? Am I getting my food for free, because I am an artist? No! It is hard work and if you want me to work for you it is NOT free.


- How did you start bodypainting?


I always painted on canvas and put some photos in the internet. A photographer (Thomas van de Wall) saw them and asked me to paint a face. Thats how it started.


- Whats your favourite work?


My favorite works are the seahorse on a pregnant woman and the desert landscape


- What colours are you using?


I always use Cameleon Bodypaint Colours. They are the best and can be orderd here:

or here for germany:


- Isn´t it exhausting for the models to stand such a long time?


They don´t have to stand all the time (except in a competition), mostly they can lay down and even sleep. And they can move from time to time, go to toilet and of course eat and drink. But at the end it is exhausting for both, the model and me.



- Is it tickling?


No, mostly not, it is awsome. Its like a massage for 5-7 hours!