Workshops, Live- Paintings, events, competitions

Are you interested in joining a live painting, a workshop or a competition? Than have a look at my dates! If you have any questions about it, please contact me!


17.-18.08.2019 - Heringsdorfer Bodypainting Festival

9.-16.07.2019 - World Bodypainting Festival, Austria

29-30.06.2019 Marrum Bodypainting Festival, NL

16.06.2019     - Mettingen Facepainting

15.06.2019     - Brunnenfest Lengerich Facepainting

01.06.2019    - Bodypainting for Trans4mation Kamp Lintfort

18.-19.05. 2019 - Greven malt bunt, Live Bodypainting

06.-07.04.2019 - FiBo Köln, Live Bodypainting

15.03-16.03.2019 - Czech Bodypainting Festival







01.12.2018 Tirol Live Painting @Hotel Galtenberg
24.11.2018 München Neonpaintings
03.11.2018 Köln Dias de los muertos
13.10.2018 München Live Painting @Fünf Höfe
October USA  
September Peru  
 September  USA  
23.&24.08.2018 Heringsdorf Competition
11.&12.08.2018 Bochum Workshop Bodypainting und Therapie am IBKK Bochum
04.&05.08.2018 Bochum Workshop Bodypainting at IBKK Bochum
12.-14.07.2018 Klagenfurt  World Bodypainting Festival
11.07.208 Klagenfurt, Austria Workshop at World Bodypainting festival
23.&24.06.2018 Marum, Friesland, NL Festival & Workshops
19.05.2018 Köln Painting at Reggaeton Beach festival
28.&29.04.2018 Bochum Workshop Bodypainting& Therapie at IBKK
21.&22.04.2018 Bochum Workshop Bodypainting at IBKK Bochum
01.&02.03.2018 Berlin Exhibition at Gallery VOODOO55
January 2018 South africa inspiration
10.-22.12.2017 Chicago, New York Painting for a Promotion campaign
8.11. 2017 Bochum Painting at a fair
5.11.2017 Venlo, NL Maskerade
30.10.2017 Kassel, Germany Halloweenpaintings at A/
28.-30.09.2017 Frankfurt, Germany

Bodypainting Show at Fashion Show, Main - Taunus- Zentrum

9./10.09.2017 Bonn, Germany


26.08.2017 Germany

live cow& horse painting

19.08.2017 Heringsdorf, Germany

Bodypainting Festival

5./6.08.2017 Bochum, Germany

Workshop Bodypainting IBKK 

28.07.2017 Klagenfurt, Austria

Competition World Bodypainting Festival

27.07. 2017 Klagenfurt, Austria

Workshop @ World Bodypainting Festival

18.07.2017 Aachen, Germany

Horse Painting @ CHIO Aachen

25.05.-01.10.2017 Krefeld, Germany

Exhibition Krefeld Zoo

08.01.-01.03.2017 Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany


March 2017 Amsterdam, NL

Exhibition "Bodyart" in the tropical Museum

November Venlo, NL

Maskerade, Competition

24./25.09 London

Private Painting

22.09.2016 Brüssel, Belgium

art3f Art fair

20./21.09.2017 Düsseldorf

fair Glasstec

18.09.2016 Paris

Painture Festival

20.08.2016 Heringsdorf, Germany


July 2016 Poertschach, Austria


Bodypainting and therapy




Live Bodypainting @ Kulturnacht Mettingen

22.05.2016 Espelkamp, Germany

Bodypainting competition

13.-16.05.2016 Lugano, Switzerland


28.-30.04.2016 Lille, France





Painting CD Cover for german singer Thomas Godoj

February 2016 Antwerpen, Belgium Exhibition "Bodyart"
December 2015 Mexico Paint & Travel
08.11.2015 Venlo, Netherlands Maskerade, niederländische Bodypainting Meisterschaft
31.10.2015 Kassel, Germany Halloweenpaintings



Painting for austrian singer
July 2015 Poertschach, Austria Presentation and workshop about bodypainting and therapy at the world bodypainting festival
26.06. 2015 Wittenberg, Germany

Live Painting Lutherstadt Wittenberg

19.03. 2015, 17:30 Amsterdam

Exhibition Bodyart

Live Painting at Vernissage, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

08.03.2015 TV France, NRJ11

TV Show Unique au monde

07.03.2015 Frankfurt

Live Painting Salsa Festival Frankfurt

26.02.2015 TV Germany

Taff Pro 7

09.11.2014 Düsseldorf Maskerade
08.11.2014 " Project "The wing"
1.11.2014 Göttingen, Germany Halloween Event
31.10.2014 Kassel, Germany Halloween Event
03./04.10.2014 Atlanta, USA Living Art America
20.09.2014 Roden, NL North netherland Championship
02.08.2014 Wilhelmshaven Bodypainting meets Streetart, Festival
26.07. 2014 Paris TV Show
July 2014 Pörtschach, Austria World Bodypainting Festival
21.05. 2014 Lüdenscheid Sterncenter: Live Painting Harley Davidson Ausstellung
14.05.2014 Lüdenscheid Live Painting Harley Davidson
08.05.2014 Dortmund TV Dreh: Documentation Bodypainting and breast cancer
29.05.2014 Meinerzhagen Livepainting for Porsche Meeting
10.04.2014 Dortmund

TV promotion

Sparkasse Herne

29.03.2014 Solingen Live Painting Schloss Burg
28.03.2014 Lugano


"Bodypainting& breast cancer"


SASRO Onkology congress

15./16.03.2014 Solingen Start exhibition "bodyart" & Live Painting
December 2013 Laos/ Vietnam  
30.10.2013 Saarland Halloween Event
15.09.2013 Venlo, Netherlands Maskerade
14.09.2013 Arcen, Netherlands Elfenia Festival
05.09.2013 Unna Presentation Bodypainting Frauensalon Königsborn
30.08 - 4.09.2013 Korea Daegu international Bodypainting Festival